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Support The Organization

Help us continue to bike, build, and advocate for affordable housing across the country.

The impact Bike & Build generates would not be possible without the financial and in-kind support we receive, see below for ways to support us:


Support a Participant

Supporting a participant not only helps the individual with their goal of biking across the country or completing their program, but furthers Bike & Build’s mission to empower young adults and support affordable housing organizations across the nation.

Annual Drivetrain Campaign

Two decades later and we’ve scaled up, back down, adapted and shifted all in the name of continuing to provide life changing and empowering experiences for young adults to engage and advocate for affordable housing. Help support us for our 20th anniversary and years to come!


Partnerships and sponsorships make an invaluable difference to our small nonprofit.
Right now, riders account for 80% of our revenue, 5% comes from sponsorships and corporate support. Help support the sustainability of the organization by becoming a sponsor!

Other Support: Amazon Smile

Make every purchase count and give back to Bike & Build by selecting us as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile!

In-Kind Gifts

Directly support our teams by providing them with things they need the most from our Amazon Wishlist!














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