Propeling Our Mission Forward

Our partners share the same values and vision as Bike & Build, plus they increase their visibility and reach while making a significant impact on the affordable housing cause.

Investing in Our Nation's Future

Bike & Build has a national reach, but our grassroots programming caters to local impact. Over the years, Bike & Build has been able to provide:

organizations with grant support
million dollars in contributions
volunteer hours
residents benefited in past 5 years

Impacting the Lives

Of Young Adults

In addition to our contributions toward the affordable housing cause, Bike & Build has played an integral role in empowering and shaping the lives of young adults.

young adult riders
route leaders
million miles pedaled

We Need Your Help

This impact is certainly something we’re proud of, but we couldn’t do it without the help of our awesome partners.

  • Right now, riders account for 85% of our revenue, 3% comes from sponsorships and corporate support
  • 40% of our revenue is needed for administrative and fundraising efforts

Our goal is for 100% of rider funding to go towards our mission, and greater enhance our impact to the affordable housing cause.

To achieve this goal we need your support

Make an Impact

There are two primary ways to help:

Support A Rider
    $500 pays for a safety package (high visibility jersey, lights and safety triangle)
    $1,000 pays for a bike
  • GOLD
    $2,000 pays for a safety package, bike and food (mostly peanut butter)
Support A Trip
    $5,000 covers overnight services for a trip
    $10,000 covers bike, camping and safety gear for a trip
  • GOLD
    $20,000 covers safety vans for a trip
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