Bike & Build’s Annual Drivetrain

An Annual Campaign to Keep B&B Moving Forward for Years to Come

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About the Drivetrain

Just as all of the pieces of a drivetrain come together to make a bike work, our Annual Drivetrain Campaign brings together alumni, friends, family, and supporters to make Bike & Build stronger and keep it moving for years to come.

Help us raise $18,000 for our 18th Birthday on Thursday March 5th!

Help us unlock these Matching Gifts!

B&B’s United States of Giving

We’ll be unlocking a $1,000 challenge gift when we get a donor from all 50 states!

New Kids on the Block

If we get 12 new recurring donors, a generous donor will add $100 to each donation!

Battle of the Routes

Show your favorite Bike & Build route some love! When each route has at least 5 donors, we’ll unlock a matching gift of $2,500!

Corporate Match

When 10 donors get their company to match their gift, we unlock another $1,000 in matching gifts!


What are the goals of Bike & Build's Drivetrain?

The goal of this campaign is to not only raise $18,000 for our 18th year, but also to continue to set Bike & Build up for a sustainable future.

We’ve come a long way in diversifying our revenues over the last few years from our alumni giving campaign to running marathons to corporate sponsors. The annual Drivetrain campaign will continue to ensure Bike & Build’s sustainability for years to come.

Is there a minimum donation amount to participate?

Nope! Every gift makes a difference, no matter the amount.

What makes my contribution to the Drivetrain Special?

The Drivetrain is a special event, capping off a month of recognizing our alumni in February with this opportunity to strengthen Bike & Build and allow many more young adults to have this empowering and life changing experience. Donors are able to support Bike & Build and ensure it’s stability for years to come through this important annual fundraising event.

Can I make a recurring gift?

Yes! Clicking on the donate button will take you to Classy, where you can choose between a one time or monthly contribution.

Where does my gift go?

Your donation will be used to support Bike & Build’s programming costs, as well as our operational costs. These costs include everything from leadership development for our trip leaders to buying PB&J to feed our hungry riders, to covering rent for HQ in Philly – all allowing us to further our mission.

How does my gift make a difference?

Your tax deductible donation is so valuable to us as we continue to diversify our funding and provide a sustainable financial model for Bike & Build. A gift to Bike & Build allows us to invest in our leaders, provide the needed safety equipment for our teams, and allow young adults to ride and serve across the country.

Where do the matching gifts come from?

Bike & Build has secured almost $5,000 in matching gifts from The Grease Brigade –  a group of generous friends, family members, alumni, and other supporters who are committed to Bike & Build’s success and growth, and provide the grease to our gears!

Can I make a gift via check or over the phone?

You can always make a gift via phone by calling our office at (267) 331-8488, or by mailing a check to us at 1901 S. 9th Street #410 Philadelphia, PA 19148. In either case, please give us a call so we can add your donation to our running total!

Is my Drivetrain donation tax deductible?

Yes! Your contribution to the Drivetrain Campaign is tax-deductible. Once donation you will receive an email confirmation from Classy that will serve as your formal tax receipt.

How is this campaign different than Every Rider, Every Year?

Every Rider, Every Year is our alumni specific giving campaign – designed to be a place where our alumni can show their support for Bike & Build each and every year.  The Drivetrain is designed to reach all supporters, from alumni to friends and family members, to partners and more. We envision the Drivetrain being an annual fund drive with a broader base of donors supporting B&B.