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Empower young adults to plan, execute, and advocate for the construction of affordable housing across the United States.

In 20 years, more than 3,700 young adults have participated in Bike & Build. These Bike & Build alumni share an incredibly unique and special bond. They have a deep connection to service and each other.

Supporting a participant not only helps the individual with their goal of biking across the country or completing their program, but furthers Bike & Build’s mission to empower young adults and support affordable housing organizations across the nation.

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On the Road

Meeting 26 other beautiful human beings who are crazy enough to bike across the country and becoming a family with them.

2018 RiderWhat was your favorite part?

The feeling that nothing can stop me now. If I can summit mountains and ride through deserts and rain and heat, I can do anything I put my mind to. I have never loved my body more than I do right now. I am proud.

2018 RiderWhat was your favorite part?

I was so inspired and warmed by the people I met.

2019 RiderWhat was your favorite part?

I made friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. This group of people is my family.

2019 RiderWhat was your favorite part?

Civic Engagement

volunteer at least once a year*

volunteer at least once a month

engage in advocacy

likely to vote

Professional Development:

became more certain of their career/academic goals

increased their likelihood for a career in Affordable Housing

felt Bike & Build helped further their goals

Funding Statistics:

Program Expenses

Bike & Build Operations

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