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Financial Assistance

Learn about financial assistance and how to apply

Increasing Access to Bike & Build

The Bike & Build financial assistance and grant program are geared to break down barriers to Bike & Build, advocacy work, and the cycling community. Anyone interested in participating in a Bike & Build experience are highly encouraged to express their interest in either of the below options. 

Participants can apply for financial assistance or our grant program through the participant application.

Financial Assistance

Bike & Build participants are required to fundraise to participate in their experience. These funds cover costs associated with each program, such as our Affordable Housing Curriculum, meals, accommodations, safe cycling skill development, a bike, and leader supervision and training. By participating in your program, you are also supporting our non-profit to continue our mission to advocate for affordable housing and empower young adults for a lifetime of service and civic engagement. 

We are committed to ensuring everyone who wants to can access Bike & Build experiences. Through funding partners and yearly donations, we are able to offer financial assistance between $250 – $1,500 to support those who qualify in their fundraising requirement or travel and gear for their ride. Please note that funding is limited. After enrolled in a program, participants will hear from the Bike & Build team within 3 weeks about a financial assistance package. 

Apply through the rider application linked below!

Inclusivity Grant

Bike & Build advocates for affordable housing through education, service, and advocacy, sometimes using a bicycle as a vehicle of our approach. Within the issue of affordable housing and the cycling world, there are significant inequalities based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, health, and other factors. 

For instance, People of color, specifically Black People of Color, are most likely to be excluded from equal access to housing, community support, and opportunities for economic mobility due to generations of systematic racism (National Low Income Housing Coalition). When looking at the most mainstream, well-known cycling competition, the Tour de France in 2020 only included 1 black rider, and the competition has been exclusive to men for over a century, with no equivalent available to women, except for the “course d’un jour” —  a modest alternative introduced following a petition initiated by riders in 2013.

In Fall 2022, we will be offering full funding for 2023 bike trips to 2 individuals who self identify as people of color, transgender and non-binary individuals, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals with long-lasting or chronic illnesses, and others who feel they are under-represented will be prioritized in the selection process. 

Grant recipients will join a community of B&B Grantees, receive 25% off future B&B programs (with confirmation from the B&B team), and will be invited to interview future recipients. 

Applications are closed.