“Why We Ride” Webinar Series

Engaging with Affordable Housing Leaders Nationwide

Bike & Build summers are not charity bike rides; they’re enriching service-learning experiences that include volunteering and community interaction & immersion. Through cross-country and regional bicycle trips, our riders experience the country through an affordable housing lens, all from the unique perspective of a bike seat.

On the road, our riders meet with affordable housing professionals, build partners, and community leaders who delve into the nuances of the affordable housing cause nationwide. This summer, in lieu of that in-person experience due to our COVID-19 cancellation, we’re hosting a summer-long series where we’ll hear from those leaders and delve into the complexities of the cause.


In our first four weeks of the series, we’ll set the stage by defining what affordable housing is and who is impacted. Ivan Marchena, NUS’19 Leader, will introduce us to the cause. Molly Rennie and Blair Schleicher Wilson will talk about their work with the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) Project. Catherine Barreda will speak to how the affordable housing cause impacts communities and populations differently. Finally, we’ll hear from representatives from our most popular build partner, Habitat for Humanity, about how they work within the traditional Habitat framework to meet their communities’ specific needs.

June 3

Ivan Marchena

Paralegal Advocate, Tenant Rights Coalition, Brooklyn Legal Services, NUS'19 Leader

Why We Ride: an Introduction to Affordable Housing

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June 10

Molly Rennie & Blair Schleicher Wilson

Director for Strategic Partnerships, The ALICE Project; CEO of Morris County Habitat for Humanity, respectively

Working Hard and Struggling to Survive

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June 17

Catherine Barreda

Deputy Director, Tenant Rights Coalition at Brooklyn Legal Services

What is Affordable Housing and Who is it For?

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June 24

Panel of 5 Habitat representatives

Thinking Outside the Frame: Using the Habitat Model to Address Community Needs

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Moving into July, we’ll take a short break from affordable housing to hear from the Executive Director of TextLess Live More about their campaign to end distracted driving along with igniting a cultural shift towards a society less dependent on interaction with devices. From there we’ll transition back to housing, where Angela McIver will discuss the historical significance of the Fair Housing Act, redlining, and how racial segregation continues to impact communities through the achievement gap, wealth gap, and over-policing. Later in the month, we’ll hear about the unique challenges that individuals in rural America face when searching for affordable housing. Finally, Ethan Mascoop will discuss the relationship between housing and public health and the impact of unstable housing in the mitigating the effects COVID-19.


July 1

Marie McGrath

Executive Director, TextLess Live More

GetLiving: How to Live More in a Distracting World

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July 8

Angela McIver

Chief Executive Officer, Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern PA

Fair Housing to the Rescue

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July 15

Carolyn Dunn

Executive Director, Stafford County Economic Development

Rural Affordable Housing

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July 22

Ethan Mascoop

Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Environmental Health, Boston University

Housing as a Social Determinant of Health

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We have plenty more in store for the rest of the summer and will be announcing speakers over the course of the next month. Keep an eye on our social media and check back to this website for details and registration links!