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Community Rides

Local Focus, Local Engagement

A Glimpse Into Affordable Housing In Your Region

Organize a 4-hour+ journey around your city that involves learning about affordable housing organizations in your area and how to become an advocate for the cause. Check out past rides below!

New York, NY – July 17, 2021
Chicago, IL – June 26, 2021
Los Angeles, CA – July 17, 2021
Providence, RI – August 7, 2021
Twin Cities, MN – August 28, 2021

At A Glance

  • Spend a day (9am-4pm) cycling around your city
  • Visit 3 (or more) affordable housing organizations and learn about their work
  • Hear from local leaders about how you can take action
  • Join a team of regional individuals passionate about service and civic engagement

What You'll Need

  • One free Saturday or Sunday
  • Time to dedicate to pre-ride cycling safety materials
  • A bike!*
  • A helmet!*

*Bike & Build will help you get these items if needed


What is included in the coordination fee?

The coordination fee of $1,750 covers ride insurance, route creation, ride coordinator and partnership management.

Seems cool, but I don't have a bike. What do I do?

Everyone is welcome to BYOBike, but if you don’t have one then you have a few options.

  • Bike & Build will work with your Ride Coordinator to communicate with local bike shops about potential rentals
  • Bike share! Most cities have bike share options (Citibike, Indego, Lyft, etc) that are likely suitable for these rides.

If you want to participate, Bike & Build will work with you to make sure you have the wheels to get you through the ride.

How long are the rides?

These rides will range from 10-25 miles and last about 6-8 hours. Each ride will include meetings with housing-related groups in your community, lunch stops, and water breaks. We’ll be giving you the tools to make sure you have a safe and impactful experience with us including cycling safety trainings, urban riding basics and assistance with finding a bike (if needed).

When will the rides happen?

This will vary based on Community Ride location, but rides will occur some time between March and September. Ride Coordinators will organize rides on weekends in order to work around a traditional Monday-Friday work schedule.

They’ll be an all day affair, so you’ll need to block off those days and dedicate them to affordable housing!

What about COVID-19?

Safety is our biggest priority whether it’s on the bike, on a build site, or however you are participating in our programs.

Bike & Build will ensure that all Community Ride participants, leaders, and organizational partners follow updated CDC guidelines to mitigate the risk of contracting and/or spreading COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and provide up to date details for all of our participants and partners.

Let's Collaborate!

We’ll work with you to shape a ride that makes sense for your group and take care of all the details!

Coordination fees start at $1,750 and we recommend a full-day event (morning to evening). Reach out with any questions!