Every Rider, Every Year

We are thrilled to have been around for 17 years, impacted the lives of 3,700 young adults, contributed $6.7 million and 255,000 volunteer hours to affordable housing     


If we want to be around for another 17 years or more, We need your help!

Why I Give

If Bike & Build taught me anything, its to always be asking 'what can I do?'. Today, it is make a donation and encourage others to do the same so that future riders may walk through life asking similar questions.

Megan Reilly
NUS 2016

Thank you, Bike & Build, for making most of us into who we are today. If possible, I'd like to earmark this donation to be used exclusively to buy Chamois Butter wholesale by the gallon for future riders to bathe in pre-ride.

Jeremy Klitzman
2017 Drift West

I could write an essay on how B&B has changed my life; simply put, I would be DEVASTATED and the world would lose a good thing if B&B closed it's doors. Ride on ride on!

Sean Petersmark
2016 NUS

Bike & Build changed my life forever. It showed me what it means to commit to a life of service, that America is good and generous, that I can reach any goal that I set my mind to, and gave me a lifetime network of friends and small towns that I love. I give to the Every Ride, Every Year Club because I know that Bike & Build can inspire real change and a better future for tomorrow.

Zia O’Neil
P2S 2015

Bike and Build changed my life by empowering me to be a better, stronger leader. I want it to continue doing that for others in the future.

Zachary Subar
SUS 2008

Bike and Build opened up a world of gratitude and generosity that I had never experienced quite so profoundly
before our trip. I hope that B&B can continue to inspire and welcome new riders for years to come, especially as they aim to maximize safety on the road.

Lucy Goodson
SUS 2013

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Between reducing the number of trips and increasing our commitment to safety we have made significant enhancements to our riders’ overall experience.


Due to these changes revenues are down and expenses are increasing, plus our insurance premiums have tripled.  This is simply not a formula we can sustain.

Dollars and Cents

Since our first year, Bike & Build relied on our rider fundraising to cover operational overhead. With insurance costs now in excess of $130,000, our overhead costs are more than $300,000 a year.  With 3 cross country trips next year, that’s nearly $80,000 needed per trip to cover overhead.


We are working diligently on efforts to diversify revenues, to include getting more support from corporate sponsors, partners, foundations, campaigns and especially alumni. Considering all of our incredible accomplishments, we feel Bike & Build is worthy of this support.


Within 5 years we envision bringing in enough non-rider revenue to ensure 100% of rider fundraising is used exclusively for trip costs and supporting our mission.

Why Alumni

While pursuing many opportunities, we feel Alumni already have a passionate connection and concern for the future of Bike & Build. We also know Alumni are civically engaged, giving people, thus ask that you put Bike & Build on the top of your personal philanthropy list.

Every Rider, Every Year

The goal is to get every past, present and future rider to contribute every year to Bike & Build.  For example, if 3,700 alumni signed up to give just $10 a month we would achieve our vision.  Regardless, any size gift matters!  We ask you make a gift that is meaningful to you!

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