Bike & Build
annual report


Rider jumping on haybail.

Letter from Staff & Board

Another year in the books! 2018 was our 16th year on the road, and boy it was sweet. Our 5 teams did what we do best all summer long - eat, sleep, bike, and build.

This year was a year of growth, exploration, and problem solving for Bike & Build. Our 3 week Coastal Drift route was expanded to a full South to North cross-country ride, Keys to Canada. We organized two alumni rides, and are in the planning stages of another. We partnered with two marathons for alumni to run to raise money for Bike & Build.

Bike & Build has been experiencing some financial dilemmas since we cut our routes down in 2017 - we have been working hard to find solutions and ease our woes. We launched an alumni giving campaign, have continued growing our partnerships, and have hunkered down to fill our 2019 teams!

As a staff and board, we have nothing but energy and excitement moving forward to 2019 and beyond.

In spandex,

Bike & Build Staff & Board

What we do

Bike & Build engages young adults in service-oriented cycling trips to raise money and awareness for the affordable housing cause. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that fosters a sustained connection to community. We advocate for the need for affordable housing in thousands of communities across the country.


Through service-oriented cycling trips, Bike & Build benefits affordable housing and empowers young adults for a lifetime of service and civic engagement.


We envision future generations who are committed to a lifetime of civic engagement and who inspire individuals and communities to create fair, decent housing for all Americans.

We were

Rider Spotlight

Matt Gleason

Portrait of Matt seated in a Diner in spandex.

Matt “Beef” Gleason was a rider on NUS’16. This past summer, he joined Bike & Build again, this time as a leader for SUS’18. Even more recently, Beef jumped onto the Lone Star Loop alumni ride in Texas over the new year.

Beef grew up in Broomfield, Colorado. In his free time he bikes, runs, climbs, camps, plays ultimate frisbee, and dreams of his next ride with Bike & Build.

After NUS’16, Beef joined AmeriCorps and began serving with the “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County. The focus is in assisting under resourced youth and their families in an effort to bring success in school, college, and a career. This is done primarily through after school programming that focuses on academics, social, and emotional development from elementary school through college. He joined the cohort of students that he has been serving half way through 5th grade and will be continuing with them in some capacity through 8th grade.

“Kids are cool, education is very important, but also incredibly fragile, and there are always things that can be improved,” says Beef.

I asked how he is committed to service post Bike & Build, but I think that his actions and realm of work really speak for themselves.

Beef plans to grow his involvement with affordable housing for years to come, with aspirations of going back to school for urban & city planning. He says, “I plan to continue working with homeless population in an effort to be apart of the solution. One of my current ‘low key’ dreams is to start an organization similar to what Greg Boyle has done in L.A., but for the homeless…If you haven’t read Tattoos on the Heart, get ya eyes on it. Then we can talk about how to get this non-profit off the ground.”

Matt is an all star alum that we are proud to have in our community. He exemplifies the Bike & Build mission and lifestyle beyond his time out on the road with us. We can’t wait to have him ride again!

Just for fun - here is one of Matt’s favorite ride days on NUS’16:

“Riding into Glacier 2016. Growing up with the Rockies in my backyard, I took those things for granted. It certainly took time away from them to realize that. Do you know how neat they are? Pretty darn. It was also the first quality time I had spent in a National Park…what I was doing before, who really knows? I will forever remember the descent into the visitors center- feeling so free and at ease bombing down the mountain at 45 mph with uncontrollable tears of pure joy. So good. That day was the real deal baby.”

We raised
for 250 affordable housing organizations
in 45 states

Our top 5 fundraisers

Portrait of Spencer

Spencer Eriksen:


Portrait of Kendall

Kendall Surhoff:


Portrait of Jessica

Jessica Kozlowski:


Portrait of Aiden

Aiden Cropsey:


Portrait of Noelle

Noelle Albert:


We launched
new campaign

Every Rider, Every Year

This year we launched an alumni giving campaign, Every Rider, Every Year. This campaign’s goal is to engage our alumni from past years to help support Bike & Build’s sustainability for years to come. Since the campaign’s launch in mid-2018 we are projected to raise over $60,000, and we think that’s pretty amazing.

So far, over 440 alumni have supported us through recurring monthly donations, yearly donations, and special fundraising events. We are far from reaching our annual goal of $200,000 but have laid the groundwork for maximizing this campaign as we move forward.

Thank you to each and every supporter of Every Rider, Every Year!

We rode

across 4 cross-country routes

Northern US
Central US
Southern US
Keys 2 Canada

and 1 regional route

Drift West

Map of the USA with 3 cross country routes and 2 regional routes drawn on top.

We introduced
new rides

Keys to Canada

4 Riders from Keys to Canada off bicycles jumping on the beach.

In 2018 we had our first team ride from Key West, FL to Calais, ME along the Atlantic Ocean. Following the East Coast Greenway, Keys to Canada rode from bottom to top, ending at the Canadian border. This was our most build-heavy route last summer. With a cluster of builds in southern Florida, riders aided in rebuilding communities heavily affected by natural disasters. They then continued to roll north through some of the most populous southern cities - Savannah, Myrtle Beach, then jumped into the Tar Heel State and on to Virginia before making their way to our Nation’s Capital. Once north of the Mason-Dixon, the team was welcomed into our hometown of Philadelphia before sending them on their way to the Big Apple, through New England, and towards the depths of northern Maine.

Not only did K2C get to jump in the ocean many times throughout their summer, they were also met by many alumni in the East Coast hubs they rode through, showered in potlucks and always had a tub of nutella gifted to them.

Dirt Drift

3 Riders from dirt drift pedaling away on a gravel road in an open plain.

In September, we gathered a group of alumni to pilot a mountain bike ride through National Forest land throughout southern Idaho. For ten days, this small Dirt Drift team rode along forest roads, gravel roads, and limited pavement, camping and exploring what an off-road Bike & Build trip could be like. After building in Boise and learning about the local affordable housing landscape, the team saddled up astride knobby-tired bikes and shredded through the Sawtooths, never missing an opportunity to dip in some steamy springs.

Lone Star Loop

3 Riders smiling heading toward the camera on a hilly road with shrubs.

We held our inaugural Lone Star Loop alumni ride in the Texas Hill Country over New Years. 24 alumni joined us in Austin for orientation and a build day, then set off for a 5 day ride that brought us through longhorn ranches, taco joints, and karaoke bars. This ride was a fantastic alumni engagement event and we are looking forward to doing it again this coming winter!

We awarded

A mix of scholarship recipients, riders, and community members posing for a portrait in front of a bike & build trailer

Thanks to the Chris Webber Memorial Scholarship, Margaret Lowe Scholarship, Pat Zuza Scholarship, and Alumni Council Scholarship funds we were able to award 5 full cross-country scholarships, 2 partial cross-country scholarships, and 2 full Drift scholarships.

We received an unbelievable donation to our Alumni Council Scholarship fund that has ensured our scholarship program will continue to open doors for more young adults for years to come!

Margaret Lowe Scholarship

  • Jessie Biser
    Drift West
  • Jess Elsaid
    Central US

Chris Webber Memorial Scholarship

  • Tanya Jure
    Southern US

Patrick Zuza Scholarship

  • Courtney Kudera
    Southern US

Alumni Council Scholarship

  • Jennifer Greig
    Central US
  • Michael Gibson
    Keys to Canada
  • Joy Martin
    Northern US
  • Alyssa Peguero
    Drift West
  • Kara Wise
    Southern US

We volunteered
hours over 65 build days

A volunteer smiling while working in the rafters of a habitat build site.

We impacted
affordable housing organizations
in 45 states

Grantee Spotlights

Roots of Renewal • NOLA

$3,250 - NUS

4 volunteers with Roots of Renewal smiling in front of a home.

Roots of Renewal NOLA is a community development nonprofit located in New Orleans, focusing on the successful re-entry of formerly incarcerated young adults, the elimination of blight and decay in New Orleans, as well as the creation of affordable housing projects. 2019 finds the organization putting the finishing touches on their 2nd piece of renovated property in the 7th ward of New Orleans, providing a new home for a deserving family.

The grant given to Roots of Renewal came at a crucial time for the organization, allowing them to purchase necessary components for finishing the renovation of a previously abandoned property. With this property completed, Roots of Renewal NOLA will continue to help build affordable housing in the New Orleans area, while continuing to help formerly incarcerated young men reintegrate back into society.

“These funds were a blessing that we could never express enough gratitude for. The fact that Bike & Build cares enough about our organization and our community is incredible”, said Executive Director Kat Rieder. “We are honored and privileged to have been considered by your riders as an organization to receive these hard earned fundraised dollars.”

unCommon Construction • New Orleans, LA

$3,510 - SUS

2 Volunteers with Uncommon Construction hold 2-inch by 6-inch lumber beams in the center of a build site.

unCommon Construction is a New Orleans based nonprofit who uses the build process to empower youth to lead the workforce after high school or college. They currently have 16 paid high school apprentices building a 1300 sq foot single family home in New Orleans’ historic Treme neighborhood, which will be sold at at an affordable rate through a local partnership.

“The funding we’ve received from Bike & Build is playing a critical role in the way unCommon Construction develops a sense of team unity and belonging amongst our high school apprentices”, said Executive Director Aaron Frumin. The partnership between unCommon Construction and Bike & Build has continued to grow over the years, as they have been both a grant recipient and build site host for our Southern route multiple times. “Bike & Builders who served as volunteers were awesome, enthusiastic mentors for high school apprentices, giving them a sense of the kinds of world-expanding opportunities they might reach in the future”.

Abby Kelley Foster House • Worcester, MA

$2,750 - NUS

A woman turns from a window for a portrait in the Abby Kelley Foster House

Abby’s House works to provide shelter and housing, as well as advocacy and support services to homeless, battered, and low-income women, with or without children. Abby’s House is in the midst of renovating all major systems to increase accessibility of their largest building of supportive housing in Worcester, MA. Upon completion, 56 single room occupancy units will be available and ready to support and provide shelter to many women in need.

Abby’s House will be using the Bike & Build grant funds to continue to provide women and children who are at risk of being homeless with safe, supportive housing that will allow them to rebuild their lives. Along with renovating their largest housing property, Abby’s house aims to expand their existing programs, serving even more disadvantaged women in the greater Boston area.

“It is through the generosity of organizations such as Bike & Build that we are able to provide safe, supportive housing for women who are at risk of being homeless.”

We welcomed
new staff members

A portrait of Casey, wearing sunglasses and a bike helmet.

Casey Eisenreich

Casey lead NUS’17 and after giving her notice as construction manager at Habitat DC, she was literally scooped up by a 15 passenger van and started her position as our newest Program Director by jumping right into summer travel to leader and rider orientations. Coming from Milwaukee, Casey loves cheese, -16 degree weather, and snuggling up with a book.

A portrait of Alan, laying sideways, supported by 5 other riders.

Alan Adams

Alan rode with SUS’17 and hopped on as our Office Coordinator in 2018. He hails from Laramie, Wyoming, enjoys rock climbing, 3D printing, and reminiscing about his hot & humid summer with Southern.

We ran
miles in the Philadelphia Marathon

A portrait of Lily and Casey running and smiling in Bike & Build jerseys during the Philadelphia Marathon.

Philadelphia Marathon

In November, we partnered with the Philadelphia Marathon to create Team Bike & Build. The team of 24 alumni & friends ran a collective 393 miles in the name of affordable housing and raised nearly $10,000 for Bike & Build's Every Rider, Every Year Campaign. One alum ran the full marathon in his camelbak and safety triangle! That's commitment.

Dozens of alumni came out to help serve and host a pasta dinner, to cheer along the route, and to celebrate the big accomplishments of our runners.

Watching people finish a race is always a joyous occasion, but it was extra special and heartwarming to have so many of our alumni commit to a personal goal, see them cross the finish line, and dedicate their efforts to Bike & Build.

Colfax Marathon

Since the Philadelphia Marathon was such a wonderful event, we have partnered with the Colfax Marathon in Denver this coming May. We are looking forward to Team Bike & Build for a second time, running for affordable housing, making new friends, and re-engaging with the organization.

Since our founding in 2003

11.75 Million
Cross Country Trips
Regional Trips
Volunteer hours
$6.6 Million
Grant Donations

Audited Financials

Unrestricted Net Assets 2018 2017
Donation Income $655,149 $772,706
Apparel Sales $27,627 $34,335
App Fees $18,863 $45,056
In-Kind Donations $3,807 $41,030
Gain on Disposal of Equipment $4,000
Other Income $700 $1,979
Assets Released from Restrictions $53,780 $37,042
Total Unrestricted Revenues and Other Support $763,938 $1,012,221
Program Expenses 2018 2017
Program Services $647,384 $717,268
Management and General $291,698 $394,967
Fundraising $57,760 $39,267
Total Expenses $996,842 $1,151,502
Change in Unrestricted Net Assets -$232,914 -$139,281
Increase in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets $12,593
Total Decrease in Net Assets -$220,231 -$156,011
Net Assets, Beginning $415,721 $571,732
Net Assets, Ending $195,400 $415,721
Program Expenses Value
Contributions $154,878
Trip Gear, Activities $154,459
Salaries, Benefits, Stipends $140,902
Auto $77,454
Insurance $61,546
Technology $12,689
Director Travel $4,625
Depreciation $31,104
Other $9,727
Total $647,384
Affordable Housing Grants Value
Competitive Grant Program $63,160.80
Pre-Arranged Grants $170
Rider Donations $39,000
On the Road Grants $20,400
Alumni Council Emergency Grants $2,500
CWM Contributions $6,167
Dirt Drift Grant $1,600
Total Bike & Build Grants $132,997.80

and beyond

As we prepare for the 2019 summer, we will be riding 3 cross-country routes: Northern US, Central US, and Southern US. Drift West continues as our 3-week regional route up in the stunning Pacific Northwest. We look forward to continuing to offer more alumni rides, as the Lone Star Loop through the Texas Hill Country was such a success. This summer we will offer a week long ride on the coast of California to better engage our West Coast alumni!

We plan on continuing to find more opportunities like the Philadelphia and Colfax Marathons to partner with, as they provide not only meaningful engagement with Bike & Build and the alumni community, but help us diversify our revenue sources.

As an organization we continue to structure our 5 year Strategic Plan. A major pillar that Bike & Build will be focusing on is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We feel that honing in on DE&I is not only a crucial step for the organization, but will also help us better reflect our values and mission. Diversity amongst our organization on all levels will allow us to grow stronger in numerous areas; with diversity comes greater range of impact on our leaders, riders, hosts, partners, build partners, and grantees. Our first step as an organization is learning how to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion into each layer of what we do here at Bike & Build through outside expertise, trainings, and focusing on individual & organizational understanding.

We are energetic and enthusiastic to continue pedaling forward.

Thank you to our 2018 riders and leaders, to our donors, hosts, partners, alumni, friends, and family! We couldn’t do it without y’all!

Onward and upward!