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For our final Alumni Hosts spotlight this week we have Sally from Dallas! One of Bike & Build’s longtime loves! She is not only a host for B&B, but also a build partner as she and her husband, Peter work with Rockwall Habitat for Humanity.

Our overnight hosts shape the Bike & Build experience just as much as build partners, mountain roads, and the individuals who ride on our trips, and we’re wholeheartedly grateful for their help.

How long have you been hosting B&B at your place?
We have had 10 groups!  This year makes our 11th!

Why have you agreed to host B&B year after year?
Affordable housing is a very important issue we have in America.  I enjoy seeing young people get involved and like to do my part to help!

What are some of your favorite memories with the teams you’ve hosted?
I love how different each team is!  They each have their own personality!

Our hosts are an invaluable part of what makes our summer programming happen, and Bike & Build alumni carry their experiences with y’all for years. The impact on us is clear; have you noticed any impact that Bike & Build has had in your community?
One year we had an intern working for our local habitat and he was so inspired by the group that came that summer that he went on to raise money and complete a ride himself the next summer.

Build partner questions:

What is your mission and how are you working in the realm of housing?
Peter and I have been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for 15 years.  I know that Peter and I could not have furnished a home for our kids without the help of our family.  Most of the people we help don’t have family to help them. We ALL can be that family! Habitat’s Mission statement says it all for me “Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.”  

How long have you been hosting B&B teams on your sites?
This will be our 11th group to have help on the homes we build!

Why do you continue to invite our teams back to work with you each year?
When B&B comes to town we get about 2 months worth of work done in 2 days!!!  A little wild but always fun!!!

What sort of projects have our teams volunteered on over the years?
The teams have worked on a variety of projects over the years from painting and framing to lot clearing (which lead to a lot of poison ivy :/) and helping out at the local Habitat restore.

Do you have a favorite memory with Bike & Build?
We had a group that did a dance video everyday and they got Peter and I to join in!!  

Build Days provide an invaluable experience for our riders to learn about affordable housing, meet families and housing beneficiaries, and reflect on the state of housing across the country. What (if at all) do you think the impact on your community and organization is when our teams come through?
We try to have home owners working with the B&B team when they are in town.  Everyone is always amazed of the work that gets done and the money that is granted by this organization!