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Antelope Valley YouthBuild has been working with Bike & Build since 2013. They hosted several Maine to Santa Barbara teams over the years, and we are excited to announce that Southern US’20 will be returning to Palmdale again this summer!

When asked why Antelope Valley YouthBuild has invited Bike & Build back to their sites over the years, Olivia Cherry, Co-Founder and Associate Director, said that Bike & Build’s mission aligns well with theirs so well – to make a positive impact on affordable housing.

Bike & Build teams have worked on a variety of projects with Antelope Valley YouthBuild including rehabbing community resource homes, constructing an 11-unit transitional housing complex for youth, rehabbing a 4-plex, and construction on a duplex home.

Olivia shared one of their favorite memories with Bike & Build (although it was said that every memory with a Bike & Build team has been sacred), when a team stayed the night during the construction of the 11-unit housing project for youth in transition, it really showed the teams commitment to the cause.

Build days are some of the most memorable days on Bike & Build. They provide an invaluable experience for our riders to learn about affordable housing, meet families and beneficiaries and reflect on the state of housing across the U.S. Olivia says that Bike & Build has had a tremendous positive impact in their community as well. The teams always provide manpower and commitment like no other for the days they roll through. Even the mayor of Palmdale comes to thank them for their contribution and the community provides meals for them.