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November 30th is Giving Tuesday, and we want YOU, our future riders, to get involved!  On this day each year, Bike & Build runs an annual Drivetrain to fundraise for the organization as a whole.  However, this is also a great chance for you to fundraise for your trip alongside all of our other 2022 riders!  Join us in making a concentrated effort to fundraise with your teammates.

Here are the 3 things we want all 2022 riders to do on Nov. 30th: 

  1. Email 10 people with our pre-made template, highlighting your goals for Giving Tuesday.
  2. Post on social media. Utilize your built in networks to share what you’re doing with all of your friends.  We will send out a few templates for you to use soon, feel free to tag us!
  3. Share B&B IRL with at least 5 people.  If you’re a college student, a great way to do this is through presenting in your classes, or setting up an informational booth within a library (with permission of course!).  Some other ideas include running a bake sale or canvassing within your neighborhood!


Even more fundraising ideas:

  1. Make a QR code.  One of the biggest hurdles with asking for donations is that people don’t always carry cash.  Having a QR code link directly to your fundraising page helps mitigate this issue.  This is great especially if you use the following…
  2. T-shirts, stickers, and business cards. The Bike & Build accessories are great, but you can also make ones that specifically fundraise for your own trip for much cheaper.  Bonfire is a great resource to make your own t-shirts, and Canva is a great, free design tool, and having lots of tangible items to give out while sharing your mission is super helpful! 
  3. Chalk, chalk, chalk.  As you’ll soon learn, chalk is a B&B staple, helping our fellow riders make turns and allowing teammates to motivate one another while on the road.  Even before your trip with us, chalk can be a great tool!  Chalk art in appropriate spaces is yet another creative way to advertise!
  4. Run a community event.  Partner with a local business or restaurant or host a projector screen movie night at a park!  Get creative!

While these tips are useful throughout the year, be sure to join us on Giving Tuesday, November 30th!

Check out the Rider Zone for even more fundraising essentials.