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A Year In Bike & Build

Message from Board and Staff

In 2015, our riders continued to have an immense impact on the affordable housing cause, granting over $637,000 to 380 affordable housing organizations across the United States. We celebrated the launch of Drift West, Bike & Build’s newest regional route that engages unique housing nonprofits throughout the Pacific Northwest. We established a partnership with YouthBuild Philadelphia, connecting their young adults to cycling and furthering their impressive record of service. Projects fully or partially funded by Bike & Build produced over 1,100 new homes for individuals and families across the U.S. And we launched the brand new!

We are extremely proud of the impact our 370 riders and four staff had in 2015, despite being faced with the very difficult challenge of losing one of our dedicated riders and leaders, Patrick Wanninkhof, and a serious injury sustained by Bridget Anderson. Patrick showed a deep passion for service, and his loss has brought together our community to further enhance the impact and values that he represented through our organization.

The successes and challenges of 2015 were surmountable and achievable only because of the support we received from our alumni, hosts, donors, and grantees. It is the strength of our community that keeps the wheels turning and hammers swinging. We look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Kristin Anderson, Chair, Board of Directors
Natalie Serle’, Senior Program Director
Justin Villere, Senior Director of Operations and Development

Riders on the Coastal Drift route in a paceline formation.

Riders Applied
for Bike & Build

Total Applicants


Riders applied to ride across the country for affordable housing with Bike & Build.

A single rider pedals on the road across a wide open plain.

Each Rider Fundraised
for their Journey

Average Dollars / Rider


The top 5 fundraisers.

  • $9,250
  • $11,100
  • $11,339
  • $11,815
  • $22,068
  • Portrait of Sarah Schoenfeldt Sarah Schoenfeldt
  • Portrait of Mary Reames Mary Reames
  • Portrait of Benjamin Ferguson Benjamin Ferguson
  • Portrait of Henry Smith Henry Smith
  • Portrait of Tucker Risman Tucker Risman

Then they rode!

combined miles


2015 Routes

  • NUS - Northern United States
  • ME2SB - Maine to Santa Barbara
  • P2S - Providence To Seattle
  • CUS - Central United States
  • C2C - Connecticut to California
  • NC2SD - North Carolina to San Diego
  • SC2SC - South Carolina to Santa Cruz
  • SUS - Southern United States
  • CD - Coastal Drift
  • DW - Drift West
  • CWM - Chris Webber Memorial
Riders at a Habitat build helping to push up the frame of a house wall and set into place.

They parked their bikes and built affordable homes

Total Hours


Over 127 Build Days. That’s the equivalent of one person building non-stop (around the clock) for 3 years. Our riders are amazing.

Bike and Build volunteers in front of a habitat home.

They awarded grants from their collective fundraising

Total Donation Dollars


Over half a million dollars were donated to 380 rider-selected organizations.

Organizations put
that money to use.

Homes Built


And over 16,500 young adults were engaged and involved last year in previously funded B&B projects

After Bike & Build, riders continue to pursue civic engagement & community service.

Committed to Volunteer


Pre-trip, 38% of riders said they volunteered at least a few times a year. Post-trip, 91% committed to doing so.

Prior to the trip, 26% of riders signed up primarily to impact the affordable housing cause. Post-trip, 46% felt that the impact they had on the cause was the primary value they received from Bike & Build.

97% of respondents say their experience w/ B&B led to personal growth.

Bike and Build riders celebrating with American Flags on the Pacific Coast.


Audited Financials

2015 – 2014

Statement of Activites

Unrestricted Net Assets 2015 2014
Donations Income $1,488,248 $1,422,075
Application Fees $65,855 $63,630
Apparel Sales $37,575 $31,683
In-Kind Contributions $41,030 $8,073
Other Income $11,609 $5,198
$1,644,317 $1,530,659
Assets Released from Restriction $22,844 $35,097
Total Support and Revenue $1,667,161 1,565,756
Expenses 2015 2014
Program Services $1,263,899 $1,322,250
Management and General $271,444 $214,306
Fundraising $36,518 $43,008
$1,571,861 $1,579,564
Change in Unrestricted Net Assets $95,300 $-13,808
Total Other Income $0 $5,198
Change, Total Net Assets $127,388 $-84
Net Assets, Beginning $208,147 $208,231
Net Assets, Ending $335,535 $208,147

Affordable Housing Grants

Grant Type Value
Competitive Grant Program $ 369,480
Pre-Arranged Partner Contributions $ 100,251
Rider $500 Donations $ 99,750
On the Road Gifts $ 38,100
Alumni Council Emergency Grants $ 10,000
CWM Contributions $ 19,730
Total Bike & Build Grants $ 637,311

Program Expenses

Expense Value
Contributions $637,311
Trip Gear, Activities $311,657
Salaries, Benefits, Stipends $163,602
Auto $64,149
Insurance $16,225
Technology $14,383
Director Travel $5,976
Depreciation $47,015
Other $3,581
Total Expenses $1,263,899

80.4% of money raised directly supports Bike & Build's mission.

Yearly Affordable Housing Grants

On to


Get Involved

Interested in partnering with Bike & Build? Check out our website to learn more.

A special thanks to our 2015 partners, for all of their support of our riders and build partners. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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