Southern United States (SUS)

Oh, but it will be so hot! Yeah, it may be hot in terms of temperature but, more importantly, because this route is a straight up stunner. Southern United States (SUS) traverses more National Parks than any other route with The Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosemite, and Death Valley serving as the headliners.

Starting in Atlantic Beach, SUS riders spend their first 2 weeks hugging the Gulf of Mexico en route to New Orleans where they will spend multiple days assisting with ongoing Katrina recovery. Don’t mess because Texas is up next and then it’s on to the best of the West – the Land of Enchantment, a tiny taste of Nevada, and ample time for riders to live out their California dreams.


Like the sun, don’t look directly at this route unless you are prepared for your eyes to be altered for life. Think you know the South, y’all? Bless your heart.

Make a meal donation to support the SUS’17 group on the road!  Click here to donate.

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