Bike & Build’s Alternative Summer

Summer 2020

Despite cancelling our 2020 routes, we’re excited about the ways our 2020 riders can stay involved with Bike & Build and the affordable housing cause. Check out what we’ve designed for an alternative 2020 summer!

The Affordable Housing Curriculum

Even though the rides aren’t happening, right now is still an important time to learn about the affordable housing cause. We can’t say how the housing landscape in the US will be impacted by COVID-19, but there will likely be a need for us to step up and volunteer and advocate in our communities. To continue the conversation and dive into the cause, the Affordable Housing Curriculum will continue as originally planned.

Riders will spend 6-8 weeks engaged in discussions with teammates about affordable housing issues, and also meet one-on-one with a local affordable housing affiliate.

Service Pledge

Once enrolled, all of our 2020 Riders signed a pledge to volunteer 15 hours of Sweat Equity with affordable housing organizations in their communities. We’d love to see our riders continue this commitment and also extend it to our greater Bike & Build community.

If you’re an alum, your loved one rode with us, or you’re one of our hosts, we invite you to join our 2020 riders and take a pledge to volunteer for 15 hours with an affordable housing organization before 2021!

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Speaker Series

Bike & Build staff is designing a 10-12 part Speaker Series in which affordable housing affiliates from around the US will present on their work, their lives, the challenges their communities face, and how they interpret the AH crisis in this country.

The Series will follow the themes found in our Affordable Housing Curriculum: a History of Affordable Housing in the US, Housing & Public Health, Homeownership vs Renting, Rural Affordable Housing, Racial Equity and Fair Housing, Housing & Transportation, and Who is Addressing AH Today.

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"Why We Ride" Series

Book Club

During the summer months, we will read and discuss some of the books we send out with our teams each summer in their Affordable Housing Libraries. Titles include Evicted by Matthew Desmond, The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein, and 1-2 others.

Want to support Bike & Build this summer?

Though our summer programming has changed, supporting Bike & Build now will allow us to engage our 2020 riders to become strong advocates while also ensuring we are ready and able to continue the affordable housing fight when our trips resume.