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Drift West

Aug 6th – Aug 30th

Starting in Portland, OR and ending in Bellingham, WA, Drift West participants spend 3 weeks and 950 miles exploring the highlight reel of the Pacific Northwest. Geographic icons like the Hoh Rain Forest and Olympic National Park are punctuated by “megacity” celebrities Portland and Seattle, allowing riders to experience the area’s renowned topographic diversity in full.

Drift West’s five build days are just as impressive as the surrounding terrain and feature a different affordable organization at each stop. Smaller affordable housing organizations, like Makah Housing Authority and San Juan Community Home Trust who do local, specialized work, are a primary feature of Drift West and afford riders a variegated perspective of affordable housing issues.

DW Dates

Aug 6
Portland, OR
0 mi
Aug 7
Aug 8
Portland, OR
0 mi
Aug 9
Longview, WA
52 mi
Aug 10
Pe Ell, WA
50 mi
Aug 11
Aberdeen, WA
57 mi
Aug 12
Aug 13
Kalaloch, WA
40 mi
Aug 14
Hoh Rain Forest , WA
74 mi
Aug 15
Neah Bay, WA
82 mi
Aug 16
Aug 17
Port Angeles, WA
Aug 18
Port Townsend, WA
Aug 19
Port Orchard
45 mi
Aug 20
Aug 21
Eatonville, WA
72 mi
Aug 22
Mt Rainier, WA
81 mi
Aug 23
Enumclaw, WA
Aug 24
Seattle, WA
45 mi
Aug 25
Aug 26
Aug 27
Langley, WA
42 mi
Aug 28
Anacortes, WA
54 mi
Aug 29
Bellingham, WA
37 mi
Aug 30
Bellingham, WA


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Drift West