Bike & Build is by far the most challenging, rewarding, unbelievable experience I've ever had. I can't imagine my life now without having done it.
-Ashton Greer, CUS’14

Want to ride in 2017? Apps are live.

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After registering with the link above, you will need to complete part two of the application. Links to PDF copies of the application are located below.

Rider App Process

Rider applications for 2017 are available now.  Early registration is from December 12th through December 19th. Please apply in this time so we can do our best to get you on your preferred trip. 

We accept any rider between the ages of 18 through 26 at the start of the summer. In 2017, you’re eligible to ride if you were born between May 1, 1990 to May 1, 1999.

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2017 RIDER APPLICATION – You will upload this after using the button above to register in our system.

Leader App Process

Bike & Build Trip Leaders are the glue that holds teams together. The role is extremely rewarding but demanding. We rely on exceptional young adults with strong peer leadership qualities for these positions. Please read the job description for more information about the position.

Leader applications for 2017 are now open. Click here to apply. All applications are due January 2nd by 11:59 PM EST but preference will be given to applications that are submitted early.    If you are also interested and eligible to be a rider, you can apply in the rider lottery. Applying to be a leader in no way affects your odds in the rider lottery. If you are not selected as a leader, whatever slot you earn in the lottery is reserved.

Bike & Build accepts leader applications from individuals ages of 18 through 29. Accordingly, we’ll take applicants born between May 1, 1987 to May 1, 1999.

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2017 LEADER APPLICATION – You will upload this after using the button above to register in our system. 

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