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That first glimpse of the Pacific is a moment forever etched in my memory. We yelled “WE BIKED ACROSS THE UNITED STATES” to every stranger who passed, as if expecting them to even remotely understand what an incredible feeling that is.
-Katy Branston, ME2SB’14

Ready for the journey of a lifetime?

Join Bike & Build and become one of the 300+ young adults each year that raise money and awareness for the affordable housing cause through service-based cycling trips. Pre-trip, you fundraise, train, and study up. During the summer, you pedal and hammer. After the adventure, you are part of a 3,000-member alumni family that serves communities long after reaching the Pacific. Are you ready?

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Rider Safety

ME - 2013- Safety

Bike & Build continually works to keep our riders safe while they are on the road. Cycling is an inherently dangerous activity, so we employ multiple proactive measures to minimize risks to our riders.


Scholarship Program

Used - Kevin Pham, Scholarship - Li

The Bike & Build Scholarship program engages young adults from low-income backgrounds in a life-changing opportunity to serve their community.



CUS- 3 Guys - Li

Question? It’s probably been asked before.



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