Austin, Twin Cities, Boston, Seattle, Denver

Exploring Affordable Housing in 5 Cities Across the US

The Basics


Fundraising Requirement (Assistance Available)


Local, 1-Day Bike Rides


Facilitated Discussions


Team Members


Age Range

At a Glance

As a Rider on one of our Hub teams, you can expect to:

  • Participate in (4) one-day rides to visit and learn from affordable housing organizations
  • Engage with advocacy leaders and learn about local and regional advocacy work
  • Explore the complex issue of affordable housing through facilitated discussions and relevant readings
  • Join a team of regional young adults passionate about service and civic engagement

Where & When We Ride

Austin, TX

May 1 – June 30 2021

Boston, MA + Twin Cities, MN

June 1 – July 31 2021

Denver, CO + Seattle, WA

July 1 – August 31 2021

Leadership Opportunities

Bike & Build is hiring exceptional young adults to serve as Team Leaders to produce and run our Hub events. View the job description here.

Applications for the Austin leadership role are due February 1st, 2021.

Applications for the Boston, Twin Cities, Denver, and Seattle leadership roles are due March 1st, 2020.


  • Get an in-depth look into your local or regional affordable housing landscape
  • Gain tools to become an advocate for affordable housing locally and regionally
  • Develop a holistic understanding of the cause through our Affordable Housing Curriculum
  • Build a network of engaged people committed to social justice

Fundraising Basics

All Hub riders are required to fundraise a minimum of $500. Through a fundraising page, resource guide, and support from our team, you will be given the tools to succeed in raising your funds.

Your funds will enable Bike & Build to provide:

  • Safe cycling skill development
  • Bike & Build jersey
  • Meals on the ride
  • HQ support
  • Leader supervision and training
  • Affordable Housing Curriculum

Bike & Build strives to make our program offerings accessible to anyone who wishes to apply. Therefore, we offer support through financial assistance.

Learn About Financial Assistance

Affordable Housing Curriculum

With a mix of virtual and in-person components, Hub Riders will spend 15 hours volunteering in their communities, and about 20 hours engaging in online discussions with teammates and speaking one-on-one with local affordable housing leaders.

Learn More About the Curriculum

COVID-19 Precautions

Safety is our biggest priority whether it’s on the bike, on a build site, or however you are participating in our programs.

Bike & Build will ensure that all Hub participants and organizational partners follow updated CDC guidelines to mitigate the risk of contracting and/or spreading COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and provide up to date details for all of our participants and partners.



What's included in my fundraising?

Your fundraising will enable Bike & Build to coordinate the entire Hub experience, which includes:

  • Affordable Housing Curriculum
  • Cycling safety training
  • Meals while on the ride
  • Bike & Build jersey
  • HQ support and supervision
  • Leader supervision and training
  • Ride insurance

Bike & Build offers financial assistance for those needing support for costs related to travel to/from the project location, gear associated with the project, and other associated costs. To learn more about financial assistance, click here.

Where do the funds go?

Rider fundraising covers all costs associated with the Hub experience, but also is a significant source of Bike & Build’s organizational funding. This helps cover our operating costs and ensures our ability to offer an array of programming designed to impact affordable housing and empower young adults for a lifetime of service and civic engagement.

Do I need a bike?

While everyone is welcome to BYOBike, bike share options are also a possibility for those who do not have a bike at their disposal. Bike & Build will work with you to ensure you have a bike to participate in the rides.

How long are the rides?

These rides will range from 10-25 miles and last about 6-8 hours. Each ride will include meetings with housing-related groups in your community, lunch stops, and water breaks. We’ll be giving you the tools to make sure you have a safe and impactful experience with us including cycling safety trainings, urban riding basics and assistance with finding a bike (if needed).

When will the rides happen?

Hub Leaders will work to schedule local and regional rides on a weekly or bi-weekly basis over the course of the spring and summer months. They’ll all take place on a Saturday or Sunday to work around a traditional Monday-Friday work schedule.

They’ll be an all day affair, so you’ll need to block off those days and dedicate them to affordable housing!

Can I get college credit?

There is potential for you to receive credit as a Rider, but it is ultimately up to your university to decide whether or not this program will qualify. In the past, Bike & Build participants have received credit through their university’s college internship or civic engagement offices to get independent study credit. We are happy to work with you and your university to explore this option!

What if I don't live near a Hub?

Unfortunately Bike & Build is only organizing 5 Hubs in 2021, but you’re welcome to look into our Community Rides as an alternative. While not as in-depth as the Hub experience, they’re an a la carte option for you to gain insight into your local affordable housing landscape.

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