Staff and Board

The Bike & Build office structure is unique. Founded in trust, honesty, and communication, the office dynamic parallels the culture codes we foster in our leadership teams. Every staff member has an equal voice as we work collaboratively to empower our young adults to impact the affordable housing cause.

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Full-Time Staff

We’re a small staff, but if you contact us we’ll do our best to get back to you within 2-3 business days.

Ron Stepanek, Executive Director

Ron brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience in both nonprofit management and the outdoor sports industry. He has served as ED for many organizations where he excelled at growing smaller orgs in impact and fundraising efforts, as well as guiding them through transitional periods.

While he is an avid cyclist, Ron spent the majority of his pre-B&B career within the PGA of America organization where he had extensive leadership responsibilities over local, regional, and national initiatives.

Claire Collins, Senior Program Director
claire@bikeandbuild.orgClaire Collins

Claire, a rider on P2S’13 and leader on SUS’14, was hired as Program Director in 2015. Claire manages nearly all of Bike & Builds trappings – bikes, vans, trailers, gear, tools, and other brass essentials that make Bike & Build, Bike & Build.  Overseeing 5 trips, she is instrumental in developing and championing new best practices for trip management.

Favorite B&B Memory? “Taking what I learned on B&B and in my AmeriCorps terms to help my parents build their own house in Austin.”

Lily Goldberg, Director of Outreach and Alumni Relations 

Lily is the point person for all things outreach at Bike & Build. From alumni engagement to the Scholarship Program to social media, Lily works to broaden the influence both within the rider & alumni community, as well as the impact B&B has on affordable housing. Lily also handles some of Bike & Build’s most essential functions, including general bookkeeping, managing donations, responding to donor and rider questions, our online gear store, among many other projects. Lily is an alumnae of South Carolina to Santa Cruz 2015 and Drift West 2017.

Favorite B&B memory? “Crying tears of joy when I saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time. Followed by finding the best burrito of my life in New Mexico with my lovely teammate.”

Erik Wright, Program Director

Erik jumped on as staff in the spring of 2017. A rider on NC2SD’15 then a leader on C2C’16, CD’17, and DW’17, he decided he wanted to pedal his brain gears and dig deep into the programming side of B&B. As a Program Director he and Claire work together to manage the behind the scenes work that make the trips happen, making sure the vans can drive and the trailers can jive.

Favorite B&B memory? “I found a pile of hundreds of mismatched roller skates in the basement of a 1930s-era auditorium in Nebraska, then immediately plugged in some speakers to glide to ‘Into the Groove’ by Madonna. My team spent hours skating the evening away.”

Alan Adams, Office Coordinator & Bookkeeper

Alan is the Office Coordinator & Bookkeeper at Bike & Build.  He handles general bookkeeping, managing donations, responding to donor and rider questions, among many other projects. Alan is a rider of SUS17.

Favorite B&B memory? “Riding with my group on a bike path for 40+ miles in Florida singing Christmas chorals to help cool us off.”

Board of Directors

The Bike & Build Board of Directors meets remotely once per month, with an in-person retreat every April. The Board supports the work through mission-based leadership and strategic governance.

Danny McGee (Chairperson)
SRG, Sustainability Manager
Grand Rapids, MI

Beth Haley (Secretary)
TedXABQ, Executive Director
Albuquerque, NM

Andrew Schneider (Treasurer)
The Peck School, Director of Finance & Operations
Morristown, NJ

Kristin Anderson
Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development, Development Manager
New Haven, CT

Rachel Brown
DataArts, Education Associate
Philadelphia, PA

Joe Fulvio
Third Coast Partners, President
Doylestown, PA

Ryan Lockman
Mark Frost & Associates, Attorney
Philadelphia, PA

Dylan Maguire
Moody, Famillietti & Andronico, Audit Manager
Somerville, MA

Nick Allen (Alumni Council Co-Chair)
Ping Identity, Manager of Strategic Programs
Denver, CO

Emily Hittner (Alumni Council Co-Chair)
Northwestern University, PhD Student in Human Development & Social Policy
Chicago, IL



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